Our expert tailors will guide you in every detail from fabric selection to description of style you are looking for. All custom made garments take 3-4 weeks to make. Within that timeframe, there will be 2 more fitting. 1st fitting is to adjust sleeve position and lapel width adjustments will be made to pattern as well as for future garments. 2nd fitting will be to adjust sleeve length for working button holes and over fit of the garment. All custom made garments are 100% guaranteed.

  • Ladies & Men Hand Made Clothing
  • Shirt Maker
  • Custom Made Suits
  • Professional Alterations
  • Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Wedding Gowns
  • Cocktail & Evening Dresses
  • Pants Maker
  • Pattern Maker
  • Sports Jacket

The fit is a crucial factor to make you feel well dressed and your perfect fit cannot be found among standard sizes. At Antonio’s Custom Tailor you can have your dress shirts, suits, chinos and other clothes custom made. All our fabrics are carefully chosen to make a garment that brings out the best in your.

The traditional fashion industry is constantly in pursuit of higher profit margins, conveniently forgetting about core social values such as worker compensation and working conditions. We refuse to be a part of that. All of our garments are produced in store. Wear your custom tailored garments with pride. Proud craftsmen have made them for you.

Antonio’s Custom Tailor offers a wide variety of high quality fabrics for our custom tailored garments. Everything is carefully selected to offer you fantastic clothes at unbelievable prices. We offer many different categories, from luxury business fabrics to comfortable casual varieties.