Custom Shirts and Suits Tailored To You!

Antonio’s Custom Tailor has been providing custom made garments since 1986. Located in Boca Raton, Florida, we are family owned and operated, offering custom men’s shirts and suits.

Why Custom Apparel?

Everyone is different. We are all made unique! Different shape and size. Tall and short. Big and small. Therefore, the clothes you wear, should be made for you! At Antonio’s Custom Tailor, we take the time to measure you and custom make shirts and suits that are tailored to you. No appointments needed. Just stop by our Boca Raton, Florida location and speak with one of our professionally trained experts or speak with Antonio (the owner) direct. You can customize your entire garment!

Our showroom has many of clothing items for sale. Visit our Boca Raton store and shop our many apparel’s. We have private Fitting Rooms available. We carry shirts, pants, suits, belts and much more! 


If you shop in our showroom and see a shirt or suit you like, but it does not fit, don’t worry! We specialize in Alterations. Whether you need a small adjustment or more. We will tailor it for you. 

Designed For You!

Our custom apparels are designed for you. We will tailor the perfect men’s dress shirt or suit. Antonio’s Custom Tailor in Boca Raton, Florida believes that a unique wardrobe should be accessible to everyone. Giving you the freedom to choose your own style and reveal your personality through your outfit. 

Some may worry that if they custom tailor their shirt or suit, as time passes, it may not fit the same. Well, remember that we specialize in alterations. So, if overtime, the shirt, suit or pants are not fitting to your measurement, bring it back to us for an alteration. 

Custom clothing is designed to last you a lifetime. Since we offer high-end alterations, each time we make an adjustment, we tailor the clothing to fit you. Thus, you’ll feel you had a custom shirt and/or suit custom made for you every time, even after an alteration.

Visit our showroom today or call us at (561) 451-8318 – Let Antonio’s Custom Tailor custom tailor a shirt and/or suit for you. Or, visit our store and shop our many stock clothing items, such as: Shirts, Pants, Suits and many accessories.